Prado Dam Mural
200 Years of Freedom   20 Years of Neglect

The Mural's Physical And Historical Integrity
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Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural integrity still intact
How The Mural Would Look With Only The Background Restored 2016

The Bicentennial Has Retained It's Historic Integrity

Recent graffiti was tagged around the numbers 1776,  but not "over" the numbers (in an attempt to spell out the letters "T.O.P.S").  By simply returning the mural's white backdrop, (Illustration above) we can clearly see it's key defining features are still intact.  So while the Mural is faded and not in perfect condition, it has decidedly retained it's historic integrity and it's message is still clear.  (See fade in and out below)

Mural integrity still intact see comparison
Watch How Easily The Mural Can Be Restored By Just Repainting The White Background

Bicentennial Mural Freshly Painted
The Newly Painted Mural - 1976

2005 aerial view of mural
Look How Impressive the Spillway Mural Was in 2005
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