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June 8, 2017
We are extremely disappointed by this preliminary recommendation, which, for a variety of reasons, appears to be results-oriented.  Most egregiously, to reach this result, the Army Corps of Engineers had to find that the Bicentennial was not a significant event.  That is obviously a ridiculous statement.  However, there are a few steps left in this process, so we are still asking for your support.  I’ve worked on many disputes involving murals, and I’ve never seen a community this organized and unanimous in its support for a piece of public art. The Bicentennial Freedom Mural is both a patriotic historical piece and a major landmark.  There is a comment period ending on July 10, during which we would urge you to email the Corps at to show your support for the Mural.
Ideally, the lead in the Mural could be encapsulated and the Mural restored.  This would not be difficult.  But if that cannot happen, we would prefer that as much of the Mural be retained as possible and that the rest be repainted.  A final option would be to repaint the entire Mural as an exact replica, with the oversight of the original designers, who are still alive.  In fact, in an effort to cut right to the chase, I have made the offer of repainting to the U.S. Attorney on this case.  I await a response.  But the worst scenario would be for the Mural to be removed and replaced with some unknown contemporary work.  The Bicentennial Freedom Mural is the largest remaining monument to the Bicentennial in California.  It is one of the only such monuments in Southern California.  It is also an example of a style of community art from a simpler time that will not return.  Most importantly, it holds great significance for thousands of people who grew up with it or drove by it for decades.   
We ask that you continue to show your support for the Bicentennial Freedom Mural and not give up the fight just yet.  It has been a great honor to be involved with this community on this issue.
Thank you for your support,
Eric Bjorgum

Read Press Enterprise Article Here

What is Col Gibbs waiting for?

Latest News 11-21-16

~ August 2016 ~

In a letter addressed to the Bicentennial Freedom Mural Conservancy, Congressman Calvert also stated, "I will continue to convey my support for the Bicentennial Freedom Mural to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers."

We thank Congressman Calvert for his gracious endorsement of the mural. We also look forward to the stakeholders working closely with the Army Corps of Engineers, to determine the appropriate manner in which to restore the Bicentennial Mural.

There is still much to work out for this inspiring citizen lead movement. As soon as we have more information from the L. A. Army Corps of Engineers, we will keep you posted.

Happy 40th Birthday to The Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural!

~ June 11th 2016 Press Release ~

On May 11th, 2016, the Army Corps of Engineers held a meeting at the Prado Dam Visitors center to go over the Bicentennial Mural’s eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places.

The meeting was a continuation of our interaction with the Army Corps following the lawsuit we filed last year.  Present at the meeting was our attorney Eric Bjorgum from Karish & Bjorgum in Pasadena, city and county representatives, public art advocates, an art restoration specialist, an historical architect, both student designers of the mural, several of the original student painters and two groups representing 25,000 petitioners. We believe we left no doubt that the Mural’s association with the U.S. Bicentennial Celebration showed its eligibility for the National Register. However, just being on the Register does not fully protect the mural.

One of the first questions from attorney Bjorgum was whether the mural could be restored independent of this process, so that while we are waiting for the government’s decision, we can go about the work of making the mural look new. There was no reason given as to why

this could not happen. Representatives from the cities of Chino and Chino Hills strongly asked "What are we waiting for?" Why isn't it being restored now and who do we talk to?” As far as we know, It looks like the New Commander of the L.A. Corps, Col. Kirk Gibbs, has the full authority to order the Mural restored now.

July 2016

Ken Calvert Please support the mural restoration

The Army Corps of Engineers is currently reviewing the Bicentennial Mural for the National Register of Historic Places. It's vital while this process is going on, for the Army Corps to hear clear support for the Bicentennial Mural from Congressman Ken Calvert.

August 2015

U.S. District Court Judge Jesus Bernal ordered the U.S. Army Corps ofEngineers to do nothing “that could alter, desecrate, destroy or modify in any way the painted mural ... until this matter is fullyadjudicated.” He added that, “Given the facts of the case, the court easily concludes that plaintiffs have shown a high likelihood ofirreparable harm.”

The public can thank plaintiffs; co-artist Ron Kammeyer, The MuralConservancy of Los Angeles and Attorney Eric Bjorgum for their tireless efforts to protect our beloved mural and advocate for it’s completerestoration! Ron Kammeyer, a Landscape Architecht, has devoted a great deal of his own time and resources over the years to enjoin the ArmyCorps of Engineers (ACOE) to allow him to restore the mural. Other groups such as the Bicentennial Freedom Mural Conservancy (a committeeof the original CHS faculty & students who painted the mural), One Way Painting of Orange County and the Boy Scouts of America have alsooffered their services during the past decade.

We hope this will mark a new beginning where interested parties and theACOE can work together to restore this iconic and historical mural!

August 2015
We Now Have Support of All The Surrounding Cities!!!

5 Mayors, 19 City Council Members, 10 Directors, The Corona Norco Unified School District Along With 20,000 Petitioners, Have Come Together To Support The Restoration of The Bicentennial Mural!

Our Big Thanks to All Who Helped Us Gain This Support,
Job Well Done!

Chino City Council
Mayor Eunice Ulloa
Council Member Denis Yates
Council Member Glenn Duncan
Council Member Earl Elrod
Council Member Tom Haughey

Chino Hills City Council
Mayor Cynthia Moran
Vice Mayor Art Marianne De Ru Bennett
Council Member Ed Graham
Council Member Ray Marquez
Council Member Peter Rogers

Norco City Council
Mayor Herb Higgins
Mayor Pro Tem Kevin Bash
Council Member Kathy Azevedo
Council Member Berwin Hanna
Council Member Greg Newton

Eastvale City Council
Mayor Ike Bootsma
Mayor Pro Tem William Link
Council member Adam Rush
Council member Joseph Tessari

Corona City Council
Mayor Eugene Montanez
Vice Mayor Jason Scott
Council Member Karen Spiegel
Council Member Dick Haley
Council Member Randy Fox

Orange County Water District
Philip Anthony
Denis Bilodeau
Shawn Dewane
Jan Flory
Cathy Green
Dina Nguyen
Roman Reyna
Stephen Sheldon
Harry Sidhu
Roger Yoh

Corona Norco Unified School District

August 2015
~ Latest News ~

Item 1 - Ken Calvert says he supports the communities consensus!
Item 2 - Please Contact Col. Kirk E. Gibbs, the new Commander of the L.A. Army Corps of
              Engineers at or Linkedin and ask him to
              support the mural restoration!  You can copy and paste the text below.

Dear Col. Gibbs,

Your predecessor, Col. Kim Coloton told 300 mural supporters at the Corps April 9th meeting, "Your message is passionate and clear." The Corps has also stated the following. "We have no preference for what goes on the spillway and that the public interest would determine a new mural.

We ask you to honor these statements. While there are 20,000 mural supporters including resolutions from every city that encircles the mural, there are no other groups or elected officials who publicly support changing the Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural.

Please end this so called stakeholders committee now and work with the public to restore this treasured monument.

Thank You

Item 3 - Yet another Trojen Horse - The Stakeholders Committee!
              The Army Corps of Engineers is going ahead with plans to hold a contest to
              replace the mural, clearly rejecting the public interest and support of the existing
              Bicentennial Mural. They are doing this under the guise of a Stakeholders
              meeting.  That means all the surrounding cities and other important entities will
              be given a seat at the Stakeholders meeting to state what they want to see done
              with the Spillway.  So far all "Stakeholders" have shown unanimous support of
              Restoration of the existing Mural.  The most important issue of this meeting is that
              the Corps still has final say and can over ride anything the stakeholders say or
              want.  This is just smoke and mirrors to try to get control of the Spillway. 
              Question is, who is pulling the strings of the Corps?

August 2015

Update - We Have A New Court Date:
Wednesday August 19th, 9am

(Come dressed for court)
Lets Fight for our mural!

Map to Riverside Court

June 2015
MCLA Restoration of Mural

The photos below were provided by the Mural Conservancy of LA. Proof that professional mural conservators have the knowledge and expertise to safely restore treasured art forms to their former glory. The mural below was restored with cars flying past at 80 MPH!

We ask the Corps to work with us now, to restore our Bicentennial Mural, a work of art for present and future generations.  Why continue to fight in the courts and attempt to replace the Historic Bicentennial Mural with one designed by self serving (stakeholders) committees?

 When even the Corps has recognized, that the community has spoken with a Loud and Clear Voice to keep and preserve the 1976 Bicentennial Mural.  Our forces continue to grow as the word gets out about the mural's possible destruction.

Above is before the restoration, Below is after the restoration.  Amazing!

June 2015
Press Enterprise has just done another story on the Mural!
See article here, don't forget to leave a comment!

PRADO DAM: Judge stalls mural removal

Less than 24 hours before the fading Prado Dam mural was slated for removal, a US District Court judge issued a restraining order halting any actions at the bicentennial landmark for at least another month.

June 2015
  We Have A Temporary Restraining Order!
The temporary restraining order will reveal the Army Corps of Engineers true motives.  If they reject working with the public to see the Bicentennial mural is brought back to it's former glory, it means one thing...

It is the Corps intention to replace the inspirational beauty, history and message of the Bicentennial mural, for their own PROPAGANDA mural.

We hope this is not the case and that the court will look after the public interest and that of
The Mural Conservancy and Ron Kammeyer.

It's not over, so keep the petition page rocking and the community aware, while the suit moves through our judicial system.

  The April 9th Meeting to Save the Mural,
at Corona High School Performing Arts Center,
  Felt Like a Complete Success, However...
  comments by the Corps gave pause as to whether our voice would be heard.
The "competing interests" never appeared at the meeting.  The Press Enterprise was there to cover the event, see their article here.
See photos of the event here.

Less than 24 hours after the April 9th meeting, the Army Corps of Engineers posted that they were going forward with their contest for a new mural design.  Clearly our voice didn't matter.
 Read their News release here
Please continue to contact your local officials listed further down this page and let your voice be heard among your representatives in Washington.  Let's not let the Mural down and all those who died for this Countries 200 plus years of Freedom!

April 10 2015
Last Nights Meeting to Save the Mural,
at Corona High School Performing Arts Center,
  Felt Like a Complete Success!
However, comments by the Corp gave pause as to whether our voice would be heard.
The "competing interests" never appeared at the meeting.  The Press Enterprise was there to cover the event, see their article here.
See photos of the event here.

Please continue to contact your local officials listed further down this page and let your voice be heard among your representatives in Washington.  Let's not let the Mural down and all those who died for this Countries 200 plus years of Freedom!

April 2015
Original Mural Organizers reunited

March 2015 - Announcement

Our Historical Landmark, the 1976 Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural, has been slated for destruction on April 27th.  This bombshell came from the L.A. Army Corps of Engineers without a word of public debate!

On April 9th the final blow for the Mural is planned at Corona High, where local politicians will share they plan to replace it with a Chamber of Commerce like billboard.  The Army Corps. says the reason for this, is to "balance several 'competing' interests".

Our elected officials are supposed to work for the public interest, not "compete" with it.  Below is a list of their quotes, so you can let them know before April 9th,
that if they don't re-think their position on the mural, you will be re-thinking your support of them next election.

Mar 2015

On April 27 The Army Corps of Engineers Plans to Blast
the Landmark Bicentennial Mural
From the Prado Dam Spillway.

With over 6,000 petition signatures and the support of Cities like Chino, the Corps has continued on a single course,
to destroy the beloved icon.  They have consistently ignored the public plea to first insure the mural's restoration!


Come and Lend Your Voice To Protect The Mural
at a meeting by the Corps and Corona City Council
Thursday April 9th at 6 p.m.
at the Corona High School Performing Arts Center,
1154 Tenth Street, Corona, 92882.
For more info click here.


Watch This Interview About The Mural on KCAL 9



A piece of Chino Valley's culture and history, the Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural was designed and completed by local high school students in May 1976. The student's efforts were supported and aided by the entire community through the donation of food and supplies. The combined efforts of everyone involved established this as a true community project that not only signified our patriotism, but also displayed the capabilities of our community and the pride that we have in our country.

As the mural reaches its 40th year of existence, the dilapidating condition of the mural has become apparent. A grassroots group known as, " Friends of Prado Dam," is seeking to work with the Army Corps of Engineers to restore the mural to its original condition.

The adoption of this Resolution highlights the heritage of the Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural and supports its restoration without compromising the health and safety of the general public NO. 2015-006


WHEREAS, the Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural was designed and created by local youth and members of the community in 1976, and has since then, become a piece of Chino Valley's history that signifies the community's diligence, work ethic, and patriotic nature; and

WHEREAS, the Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural is one of the largest patriotic murals in America, measuring more than half a mile long; and WHEREAS, the Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural has been a part of the Chino Valley community for a number of years, and since its completion, has begun to deteriorate in its appearance and condition; and NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Chino, California does hereby recognize the heritage of Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural and hopes it may be feasibly restored to its former glory without compromising the health and safety of the general public.

APPROVED AND ADOPTED THIS 20th day of January, 2015

Dec 20, 2014
Interview With The Mayor of Corona

Today Mayor of Corona Eugene Montanez was gracious enough to speak to me about the Prado Dam Mural.  Last night at a City Council meeting he mentioned, the council had met With the Army Corps of Engineers this week and they seemed to be committed to the removal of the mural come March 2015.  They also said they are possibly having a contest between local schools to come up with new design ideas.

So after decades of neglect, the week they get our petition and the Press Enterprise does a front page story they take action.

When I said the Historic value of the mural has not been looked at, he said it had only been there 20 to 25 years, I told him it had been their nearly 40 years.  He then said it was illegally put on the spillway overnight.   I wasn't sure if this was an oversight on his part as the conversation was robust, but I assured him a 1/4 mile long mural could not have been put up over night. And that the students had permission from the Corps, for the Bicentennial.  He then told me the Dam was the property of the Corps and they have been working for years to put up a new mural.  Well the Dam is actually the property of the government of the people and by the people, and no one asked us.

A few months ago they were going to strip it with no future plans, then they said they were going to do something, then last week they said they would decide a new mural by Committee, now this week they say it will be a contest for kids.

So what's wrong with the the current mural?  Would anyone dynamite
Mt. Rushmore to update it with President Obama's head?   It's disturbing to note that it looks like not one politician in the valley has argued on behalf of the people, why this important  part of the public square is not being restored.  And let's get this right, it can be stripped and repainted and called a restoration.  We've waited decades for this.

Respectively we want to work with the Corps and Congressman Calvert on this important issue, this is why we've submitted the petition.  We all know if it's designed by committee (even if they use kids) it is destined to be political.  As no politicians have spoken for the peoples mural in these closed door meetings, we humbly request to be part of the real dialog to convey the historical significance and heart felt love the community has for the mural.  Because without this, the trust of the people has been broken.

Dec 15, 2014
Recap Of What Has Happened To Date

(1)   Over the years organizations like the Boy Scouts have asked the Army Corps Of  Engineers to be allowed to access the Prado Dam Spillway, in order to upkeep the the 1976 Bicentennial Mural.

(2)   All requests were turned down, on the claim of lead in the paint.  The Corps policy was to not disturb it and to allow it to slowly peel off because of the hazard it posed.

(3)  When asked if there was a file on the testing for lead paint and what parts of the Mural had lead in it, they responded that a new test was being done.  They claimed it showed lead, but when asked where lead was found, on the old graffiti on the spillway or the mural, the question was never answered.

(4)  Though lead paint has been safely removed from structures for years, it is only now after decades of intentional neglect  the Corps has decided to water jet off the mural come September 2015.

(5)  The disturbing fact here is the Corps removal the Mural without it being a restoration project.  They stated on August 6 " future plans for the spillway were undetermined"  So what that means is without any public hearings, the Bicentennial Mural has been successfully wiped out for all time along with undermining any future restoration possibilities.  Because any new stroke of a paint brush on that spillway would mean dozens of permits and approvals by their committees.

(6)  We then sent out a petition to all the local politicians  in the area.  The petition simply asked that any removal of the mural be linked with it's vintage restoration.   Not one of your local politicians signed it, or ever got back to us again. 

(7)  We then contacted Congressman Ken Calvert, who resides on a subcommittee that overseas the Corps.  After two months of working with his office to get the Corps to at least state they are committed to vintage restoration of the Mural or not.  All we got was "Congressman Calvert will do whatever he can in his power to keep a mural on the dam".  "A Mural" means "their" mural.  That's right, they've planned their own mural.

(8)  With so many people leaving comments on Friends of the Prado Dam Mural web site, along with our Facebook page, the next step was to create a petition.  That's exactly what we did.  However this time we recognized the only way to avoid "their" well laid plan was to go around them with volunteers like the Class of 76 did.

(9)  However on October 15, 2014 at a conference Col. Kimberly Colloton of the Corps, stated she understands the public’s desire to have a mural on the spillway, whether a repainting of the previous mural or a new design.  She announced the Corps will work with the public and Rep. Ken Calvert to determine an appropriate mural in the near future.  This statement has turned out to be a lie.

(10)  On November 20th when petition signatures began to be sent from, directly to Rep. Calverts office and the Corps. something strange happened.  Phone calls were made and meetings held before the completed petition could arrive.  It must be embarrassing for the Corps, to answer "why", after allowing the Mural to deteriorate over the last 20 years, it suddenly and arbitrarily mandates the mural to be replaced at the very moment a petition arrives that would allow for volunteers to repaint the original Bicentennial mural, without government red tape, or interference.

Dec 11 2014
Update : Your Petitions Were Delivered! 

Today your petitions have been hand delivered to Rep. Ken Calvert's
and to the offices of the Army Corp's of Engineers. 

Petition at Calverts office

We also want to thank Press Enterprise Staff Writer, Peter Fischetti, for his outstanding Cover story profiling our petition to save the Prado Dam Mural. 

Please click this link to see the article
Second Article on Prado Dam Mural removal

With no public debate to ensure the protection and restoration of the Prado Dam Mural.  The Army Corps of Engineers has decided to permanently remove the largest patriotic mural in America, come Spring of 2015.

The Corps is overreaching their authority with their attempt to destroy this Historically significant Icon of the community and the Country.  Clearly the reason there was never a commission appointed to study the importance of the mural, or even a public debate, is because the public would never have stood for the destruction of this iconic part of the public square.

By undercutting the restoration processes in this way, the Corps says the only way to get a new mural is to:

1. Go through the Corps representatives,
2. Elected officials,
3. Community special interest groups,
4. Ecology groups, and
5. Last, and LEAST you the public.  

Such a commission would trade the 1976 mural, for a fresh billboard to hand out political favors to powerful special interest groups and self serving organizations.

Why hasn't a single politician in the area gone on record to support a vintage restoration of the mural?  Now is the time to take them to task.  If they are not in support of this petition, then they are in agreement with special interest groups to destroy this precious legacy of inspiration given to us not by their commissions, but by High School Students, you know, "the people".  

It's up to you to contact your representatives, T.V. stations, Radio, News Papers, Blogs and obtain legal resources in order to assure the Army Corps of Engineers approves your petition to bypass their commissions and guarantee the vintage restoration of the existing Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural.

Thank You,
Friends Of The Prado Dam

If you wish to log a complaint about the slated destruction of the existing mural,  please contact the people below.

Greg Fuderer - Senior Public Affairs Specialist Army Corp of Engineers.

Col. Kimberly Colloton
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District
915 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Questions: 213-452-3333

Congressman Ken Calverts Office
4160 Temescal Canyon Rd., Ste. 214
Corona, CA 92883
Phone: 951-277-0042
Jason Gagnon Communications Director

August 26, 2014

We Have Been in Contact With Congressman Calvert's Office

Ken Calvert 42 district logo

Congressman Calvert gave a quick and detailed response to our requests for information to date.  It's good to hear that the Corps is "planning" to do "something", however this language along with their statement that they intend to "include and engage with the community in developing the new mural" offers a vague and inadequate status of the restoration - concerning the removal of an historical landmark of such significance.

To our knowledge, and it needs to be clearly noted, that the Corps has thus far not offered a plain statement of their commitment to the "total restoration of the Prado Dam bicentennial mural".  It is further understood that the removal of the mural could commence in thirty days.  So time is of the essence.  Our concern is that there is no real plan of restoration attached to the current plan of removal.  We and many concerned citizens want to see this precious meaningful landmark restored and believe without a plan in place, that there will be no processes for restoration.

We humbly request you once again reach out to the Corps to secure a clearly defined "commitment" from them, to alleviate any misunderstandings concerning nothing less than a full restoration of the Mural.  Or to understand better the intentions of the Corps concerning the Mural.

August 22, 2014
Request of the Orange County Flood Control District
Orange County Flood Control Division Logo
Raising the Dam means higher flood waters.  So the Orange County Flood Control District needs to purchase some 2,000 acres of land from 240 owners behind the Dam.  After this process is complete, the second process of the Corps raising the spillway begins.  It is only then the spillway can be raised. Then according to the Corps. they will then look at a possible Mural.  This process could take 5 to 10 years each?  So we have a call into the Flood District to see about getting a realistic number for their accusation of the properties.

Will The Prado Dam Mural be Lost?

At any time in theses next 12 months, the Army Corps of Engineers - who own and operate the Dam - will strip off the 37 year old icon.

After months of stalling all requests to commit to restore the largest patriotic mural in America, it looks as though the Army Corps. Of Engineers have their reasons.  As you can see from their official statements below, it's to paint an entirely new mural of their own choosing.  No doubt, every special interest and political favor would go into creating the hollowed out shadow of it's former splendor.  Surely painted by some overpaid artist and dedicated with all the fanfare needed to justify it.

The original beloved mural was designed and painted by Corona High School students in 1976 to commemorate the bicentennial of this Country.  It's 1776 - 1976  numbers, painted with the stars and stripes, dramatically rise 100 feet along the dams 2,000 foot long spill way.  (See photo top left.)  If the lead paint on the spillway is an issue, it may make sense for the Corp. to remove it.  (They have done an excellent job in the expansion of the Prado Dam, which will save countless lives along with billions of dollars in property damage in the event of a two hundred year storm.  A job well done.)

However, once the public is informed of the Corp's plan, they reject it.  We the public have been led on for years, trusting the lead paint was the only thing keeping the mural from being repainted.  Call the Mural our legacy, our Memorial to future generations, our inspiration to all Americans and future Immigrants, call it what you will it belongs to the people.   No one asked for a change, can you imagine New Yorkers allowing the Statute Of Liberty to be "upgraded" during renovation or modernizing the White House with a beige stucco?  Who at the Corps., is willing to step forward and tell the public, I think a 2,000 foot long tribute to the bicentennial painted in Red White an Blue with the words "200 Years Of Freedom"  on it, is old, stale and needs to be discounted? 

The Murals an inspiration that continues to uplift us through good times and bad.  Being painted by High School students makes it more patriotic and more precious than any modernization.  It was painted "By The People For The People!" 

We're only 10 years away from it being a protected historical monument.  Lets protect it now!  We can do this America.

The Following Statements Are From The Corps:

August 06 - 2014:  Senior Public Affairs Specialist :    "Any plan for follow-on actions regarding
                                 repainting of the spillway are undetermined at this time".

August 18 - 2014:  "The Corps is planning on doing "something" with the face of the spillway after
                                 removing the current mural, however, the raising of the Prado spillway is an issue.

August 18 - 2014:  "The Corps has also confirmed to us that they intend to include and engage with the
                                 community in developing the new mural."

August 18 - 2014:  They did not want to paint a new mural until the construction was complete so that
                                  they would not have to protect that area (which could be costly).

Statement from Congressman Ken Calbert Corona CA.:

October 3 - 2014:  Congressman Calvert will do whatever he can in his power to keep  
                           a mural on the dam after the construction work is done.

The question is, "What mural and what will it commemorate if not the foundation of this nation?"

So What Can We Do?  What about a Petition?

There has been an overwhelming response on the Press Enterprise and other comment pages for a petition.  We have spoken with many of you about how and to whom it may be addressed.  

(1)  Congressman Calvert of Corona, CA. stated to the Press Telegram that his committee has jurisdiction over the Army Corps.  When the time comes to make a decision, he said, "replacing the mural "will be approved, but with no promises.

(2)  The Army Corps. says they have the power to remove the mural, but has not responded to our request to commit to a full restoration of the Mural.  But they have not said no to it either.

(3)  We see no reason to defer to Sub Committees, Appropriation Committees, guarantees of no promises and the silence of the Corps., when this is a Vintage restoration project that can be funded, executed and maintained by the community, working with the Corps.  A community restoration project is what the government has alluded to with each inquiry for 20 years now and our petition is going to hold them to it.  The Petition will be sent to the top officials at The Army Corps Of Engineers and Congressman Calvert. 

(4)  Give us a couple more days to secure an electronic petition, and please call us with any help you can provide.  Including writing the petition to suggestions of a good petition platform.  Any help is important.

"Wounds leave Scars - That's why Good Deed's need Monuments" 

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